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Who We Are

Do you schedule everything in your life around running? Did you enjoy running with people in high school and want to continue that feeling into college? Did you just start running for the first time and want to get better running with others? Do you hate running and just want a cool, fun group to hang out with? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Clemson Running Club is for you! The Clemson Running Club is the official running club of Clemson University. We are a student organization under the Clemson Club Sports umbrella and are open to any full time Clemson student, including graduate and Bridge students.

It's not about how fast or how far, it's about how fun!

What We Do

Our club does lots of fun and exciting things centered around running. We have daily runs exploring Clemson, weekly Frisbee games, two community service projects at local elementary schools, go on nature walks, view mountains on the reg, racing events across the country, monthly team dinners and social events, and so much more. What better way to spend your free time at Clemson than running around with a bunch of other fellow Tigers (or Tïgs, as we like to say). We thank you for visiting the Club, and hope to see you out on the run!